Poster Designs - 2017
Side projects
Graphic Design, Illustration
One of my best friends from school got married to her long time boyfriend over Christmas. So my friends and I decided to gift the couple a neat, framed illustration. I designed the illustration in a similar style as one of my previous projects (PKers). Since this too was for my friends, I wanted to continue the same style here as well.
Art Direction, Character Design, Illustration
I made these series of postcards for a bookmarks fair in college. I wanted to connect it to my final project topic and thus chose these series of quotes related to travel.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Typography
Laura Wade’s critically acclaimed, darkly comic play charts the outrageous debauchery of an elite Oxford society inspired by the Bullingdon Club, which counts the Prime Minister and Mayor of London amongst its former members. Adapted for cinema in 2014, Posh is a razor-sharp portrayal of what Boris Johnson described as: ‘superhuman arrogance, toffishness and twittishness’. I was commissioned to design their initial posters for the Fringe magazine and Facebook page
Graphic Design, Digital Art, Typography
Arial. It's everywhere. It came as easy inspiration when I decided to do a post on typographic patterns.
Graphic Design, Pattern Design, Typography
Addams Family
The Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group were producing The Addams Family musical for which they needed audition flyers.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Research report design + infographics
Agency: Awchat & Olsen Design, Mumbai.
Graphic Design, Icon Design, Print Design
Stories from Mumbai
This exhibition is an attempt to understand the spirit of Mumbai. That unexplainable entity that has helped people get back to “normal life” after experiencing a disaster like the floods of 26/7 or the terrorist attacks of 26/11. My representation of the “spirit” lies in the people who hold this city together and their stories.
Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Cosmic Calendar
This book was designed for the 2015 ISTD competition. I chose the milestones project brief and decided to design a book that illustrated the concept of the cosmic calendar with respect to it's typography.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
That Lizard Laden Death Feel
Edinburgh college of art introduced me to loads of talented people in the field of art, film and design. I was lucky to get to work with some young film directors and was introduced to a network of other people I didn't think I'd get to work with. 'That lizard laden death feel' is a film by Tom Shennan, a film direction student at ECA. This was his final masters film and he asked me to design posters for it. Check out the trailer on their website
Graphic Design, Print Design, Typography
Lucid is a film about a daughter trying to help her mother who suffers from Alzheimers.
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
The typography workshop
This was a one-day workshop for which I chose to collaborate with my classmate Mary. The brief was to create our own typeface in 6 hours. We chose to keep the grid simple and created a pixel font with a 3x4 block for every letter. We decided to keep the minimum width of the letters to be same as the width of the masking tape. This parameter made it easy to design the alphabets with the exception of 'C', 'G', 'J' and 'V'.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
Nomad Redesign
Redesigned Nomad magazine for 2015. They wanted to shift from the illustrative graphics style to a more minimal and clean looking design. A shoutout to the Nomad editors who are responsible for making this magazine happen.
Art Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
PKers Illustration
I decided to make this as a gift to my friends. Each character represents one of my friends.
Character Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Seafret - Album Art
The brief for this project/competition was an open-ended one with references of the avant-garde nature. I was influenced by the various collages and optical illusions from the provided references and used some of my own images, mixed with Seafret's photograph to create this artwork.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography
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